How Superstorm Sandy helps us think closer to home

2 November 2012


With rising seas and changing climates, cities like New York and London face significant challenges. So what can we learn from New York? A similar event to Storm Sandy is very unlikely in London, but we can benefit from learning about the real damages and successes. We can make London more resilient by asking where New York’s preparedness saved lives and protected property, and where they needed to do more. … Read more

Water shortages during 2012

20 September 2012


In early spring 2012 following the driest two-year period on record we had a serious water shortage and this led to the imposition of water use restrictions to conserve valuable resources. In the future this is projected to be a more common occurrence and we are preparing for this possibility as part of our water resource planning. … Read more

Landlords: Adapting to climate change?

12 March 2012

Sustainable Homes has a new tool for cost effectively modelling climate change risk assessment for thousands of existing properties. This has proven particularly useful for social housing landlords who want to find out how their stock may be affected by future climate change, but don’t have the resources to carry out the assessment on a home by home basis. … Read more

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