UKCIP (putting scientific knowledge into the heart of decision making) supports adaptation in the context of a changing and variable climate.  It works at the boundary between scientific research, policy making and adaptation practice, bringing together the organisations and people responsible for addressing the challenges of adapting to a changing climate will bring.

UKCIP coordinates and, with its stakeholders from the policy, practitioner and research community, influences adaptation-related research and its outputs.  This includes developing and sharing the outputs in ways that are useful to those stakeholders.  UKCIP encourages organisations to responsibly use its decision-support tools and resources to help them consider their climate risks and to plan, deliver and manage adaptation responses.

UKCIP was established in 1997 by the UK government, when it was then known as the UK Climate Impacts Programme. Since it began, UKCIP has been based at the Environmental Change Institute at the University of Oxford.

B Street

is the Technical Director for Adaptation Science at UKCIP.  He is also LWEC’s Climate Adaptation Fellow an Adjunct Research Fellow within the Centre for Environment and Population Health at Griffith University, a Senior Research Fellow at LSE and a Research Fellow as Green Templeton College, University of Oxford.

At UKCIP he leads the technical and scientific work guiding risk, vulnerability and adaptation assessments, and developing new supportive tools and resources. He also leads the LWEC accredited Adaptation and Resilience to a Changing Climate Coordination Network (, a programme that brings together researchers and stakeholders in the delivery of research and outputs for the built environment and infrastructure.

also has a leading role at the UK and international levels (e.g. Joint Programme Initiative Climate) in identifying users’ needs for, and delivery of, climate information to inform adaptation decisions.