Thames Estuary Partnership

For 20 years the University College London (UCL) based Thames Estuary Partnership (TEP) has been building networks and action groups, running delivery projects, and collating feedback from all industry sectors in the Thames Estuary. The partnership takes a uniquely neutral and non-campaigning stance, facilitating and encouraging the airing of views and concerns from the full diversity of those that live, work and study in the Estuary.

The TEP charity territory formally runs between Tower Bridge and the outer estuary, and with other partners upstream, provides an effective network across geographical and political boundaries.

TEP hosts meetings and projects on Fisheries, Access and Recreation, Education, Planning and Flood Risk for the estuary, Dredging Liaison for licensing and sediment research, Archaeology and Research. TEP also keeps an up to date database of over 3,500 stakeholders in the estuary – from individuals to representatives from the public and commercial sectors.

TEP works with partners or on our own to fundraise for future projects that will allow us to engage further with the Thames Community and achieve maximum social, economic and environmental sustainable development for the estuary in the future.

Supporting partners are: University College London, the Environment Agency, the Port of London Authority, Natural England, Thames Water, Essex County Council, RSPB and the Corporation of London.

Core funding is from those bodies entrusted with ensuring the safety, commercial viability, ecological integrity and open access of the Thames’ waters. TEP is also the coastal partnership for the tidal Thames, which runs right through the centre to Teddington, West London.

TEP operates as a charity and a limited company, and is formally part of the Office of the Vice- Provost (Research) within UCL.

, Director

was appointed Director of TEP in spring 2014.

has a strong background in managing charities and turning them into profitable and thriving organisations. She has worked as Chief Executive at London Community Resource Network and Community Network. Prior to that worked in senior regeneration and community development roles in local government and housing associations.

will build on the Thames Estuary Partnership work of raising awareness of issues affecting the Thames and ensure that the many voices in the Estuary continue to be represented.

A specific aim is to build stronger collaboration with the teams that are conducting world-class cross-disciplinary research within University College London.