Wind Energy
Wind Energy

Saving The Environment With Renewable Energy

Each day of the year, the sun gives off enough energy to support the world for almost 30 years- yes, just in a single day. And there are many other alternative energy sources available, including geo thermal and wind energy.

We will now cover the types of renewable energy available, to help you to make a more informed decision. Alternative renewable energy is now a very important subject, as natural fossil fuels such as oil, are running out fast and we will need some kind of energy to support our complex economies when they are gone.

Types Of Renewable Energy

Solar energy uses the sun’s rays to generate electricity and heat and is an tremendous power source.
Using PV systems, the radiation from the sun is converted to the types of energy that we need in our homes and offices. There are other forms of solar power too whereby the heat from the sun powers a hot water system, and another system allows water to be cleaned and purified.

Currently around quarter of a million homes use energy from the sun to power their electricity, and as the price comes down steadily, this type of alternative energy will become more and more accessible to people who want to reduce their utility bills, lower the amount of emissions and use generally be more environmentally friendly.

Many people are also turning to wind energy to reduce their expenses and move away from traditional oil which as we mentioned will eventually run out. Wind energy has been used for a lot longer than you might think, as the first electricity created by wind happened just before 1900, and a century later the popularity of wind energy is increasing.

Many believe that you need constant gales in order to benefit from wind power, however this is simply not true. Wind power is environmentally friendly and you can create energy from your very own garden, just like solar energy. But wind energy has the greatest capacity for market growth of all the alternative energy types available.

Hydroelectricity is another form of renewable energy but it is not as effective as wind or solar power, and is only available at certain locations due to the nature of this power source. With hydroelectricity, electricity is generated from the force from high pressure water. Currently only 10% of generated electricity is done so by this method. There are a small number of hydroelectricity plants around the USA.

Solar Panels
Solar Panels

Where You Live: Renewable Energy Feasibility

Those who live out in the country and rural areas have plenty of space available, making wind power a practical choice as mainstream power sources are not always available in such locations.

This energy source is dependable and the initial outlay for equipment is reasonable too. Where wind energy is not accessible, rural residents are able to use battery power.

If you live in a more urban area you may still wish to consider using wind power. You can generate around 20 kilowatts from just s small wind turbine which is sufficient energy to run most homes.

If you live next to a river, you may be able to generate electricity for your home using hydroelectricity.

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