Empowering community-led resilience

10 April 2015

Litter picking2

One of the key aims of the Climate UK network is to provide responses to climate impacts that reflect local circumstances, local risks and local opportunities. Here are a few examples of such initiatives. … Read more

Monitor your local severe weather impacts

18 March 2015

BBC website_42398570_helen_white_416

You can now monitor severe weather impacts on your local area, based on a system originally created by Kent County Council. SWIMS helps to identify key risks and priority areas for intervention, and by providing cost information it supports a business case for action. … Read more

Londoner set for Northern Pole of Inaccessibility

27 October 2014


In February 2015 a GLA staff member as part of the Ice Warrior team will take part in one of the most ambitious polar expeditions of our time; to be the first expedition in history to reach the Northern Pole of Inaccessibility. … Read more

Climate Change and the Thames Estuary

17 September 2014


Adam Guy, Programme Manager at Thames Estuary Partnership, explains how climate change resilience sits at the heart of all of the Thames Estuary Partnership’s activities. … Read more

Flood Risk in the City

15 August 2014

City of London 180AD

Simon Mills, Head of Sustainable Development at the City of London, is telling us how the City has adapted to flood risk over the years and how it is preparing for upcoming challenges. … Read more

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