The storm surge of 2013 – 6th December

13 December 2013

Thames Barrier 6 December - @MPSinthesky

Tim Reeder writes about the storm surge of 6 December – the highest surge levels since the Thames Barrier was built. Tim explores the various forms of flood risk that London faces and outlines the work that the Environment Agency and other LCCP Members are carrying out. … Read more

Understanding London’s Heat Island

25 July 2013


As London’s first prolonged heatwave in seven years – including a temperature of 33.5C at Heathrow and the Met Office issuing a level 3 heatwave alert – was brought to a dramatic close with a crash of thunder, it seems an opportune moment to take stock of the recent events. … Read more

Trees in Towns

20 March 2013

Lisa Pook

Trees have many benefits; they help sweeten the air, they provide habitats for birds and other wildlife, they improve the look and feel of the city, they help in times of extreme heat to provide much needed shade and when the rain falls they help to slow down water into the drainage system.
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Green Deal and Overheating

4 March 2013

green deal

The Green Deal is the show in town in terms of helping us all make our buildings more efficient, using less energy and water, and safeguarding against rising energy prices in the process. For the first time with such a policy, water and energy saving measures have been brought together, in recognition of the importance of hot water saving measures in saving energy. The thing is how will these measures ensure we are ready for our changing climate? … Read more

Flood control measures across international cities

7 December 2012

Tim Thames1

The video (courtesy of Wall Street Journal) is a study of various flood control techniques across the globe. LCCP Member, Tim Reeder from the Environment Agency is featured (at 04.02) describing the Thames Barrier and the TE2100 Project.

How Superstorm Sandy helps us think closer to home

2 November 2012


With rising seas and changing climates, cities like New York and London face significant challenges. So what can we learn from New York? A similar event to Storm Sandy is very unlikely in London, but we can benefit from learning about the real damages and successes. We can make London more resilient by asking where New York’s preparedness saved lives and protected property, and where they needed to do more. … Read more

Water shortages during 2012

20 September 2012


In early spring 2012 following the driest two-year period on record we had a serious water shortage and this led to the imposition of water use restrictions to conserve valuable resources. In the future this is projected to be a more common occurrence and we are preparing for this possibility as part of our water resource planning. … Read more

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