Sash Windows – How double glazing, draught proofing, and repair are helping climate change in London

Sash windows – Draught proofing and double glazing in London has significant impacts on the amount of energy saved and not consumed as a direct result of retaining heating in London properties. Sash windows are beautiful and have plenty of character and charm but they really do suffer from age old problems such as condensation and icy cold draughts. We now have interesting and innovative technology that helps keep London property warm but at the same time, doesn’t detract from the overall feel and aesthetics of the beautiful slender and elegant sash windows. This comes in the form of high quality sash window draught proofing and double glazing of these beautiful sash windows

Sash windows can now be double glazed and draught proofed – In some cases sash windows have been built so well that they can actually have a double pane of glazing installed within the original window, this is an unbelievable testament to the quality of the workmanship carried out some hundred plus years ago. If you consider that double glazing and repair will double not only the weight of the sash, but double the weight on the mechanism as well, it’s quite remarkable the over engineered quality of sash windows, more than built to last through many many homeowners. It is quite surprising that doubling the weight of the glazing and also cutting deeper into the sash would not result in weakness of the sash windows themselves, but with that said, only some sash are actually made wide enough for the process, such was the quality of timber back then, they only required slender profiles. Christopher Gould of London Sash Window Repairs Ltd was available for comment to clarify this. “Some original sash are indeed too slender to hold a double glazed unit. If sash windows are less than 35mm in depth then the only option is to double glazed by making new sash windows to fit into the original frame, we can move the mortise and tenon inward, this is the lock if you like, by moving this away from central we create a sash window that is 35mm deep, but has the same structural integrity of single glazed sash windows. If maintained well it’s expected that the sash window will more than pass the lifespan of any homeowner. If the sash windows are wide enough then it would be well worth double glazing the originals as considerable amounts of money can be saved & it’s a nice idea, keep this beautiful, original joinery”. With this in mind improving the climate has become cheaper and doesn’t detract from the look of a period property through quality sash windows refurbishment.

Here’s a beautiful sash window double glazing project, to my untrained eye they appear almost single glazed, if not for the reflection of the two panes of glass coming bouncing off each other. With that said, I quite like to vibrant look of the glazing.

sash window double glazing to improve to help climate change
sash window double glazing to improve to help climate change

We can barely tell the difference between single and double glazing. If you would like to work with this sash windows company then simply click the link provided to take a closer look at what they are doing.

sash window repair and draught proofing
sash window repair and draught proofing

The cheapest option to update your sash windows is draught proofing and it can have surprisingly significant impacts on the overall temperature and ambience of your home. If the sash windows are functional and draughty then that will be the biggest and best cost saving exercise in the home with exception of loft insulation. If a sash window is sealed shut then it might not make that much difference but then of course you can’t use it. Sash windows draught proofing is essentially a series of brush piles that are run into the insides of the frame using a router to install them. This way the system isn’t just another attachment which would look unsightly and take away from the looks of the sash windows in your London property. Remarkably draughty sash windows account for around 25% of all the heat lost in your home. Whilst we can’t be sure that the draughts are the only reason for the heat loss, they certainly make up a large percentage of the problem as English Heritage website is clear about the benefits of sash window draught proofing and energy efficiency. It’s not just the London climate that benefits directly from the heat savings, sash window repair as English heritage mentions is a viable method of maintaining a period property. The benefits of not entirely replacing a sash window, which would mean more trees and factory processing are quite obvious. It would be interesting to know the total carbon footprint deficit created by entire replacement versus repair. There’s new glass to consider, then trees to cut down, then the process of actually making a new window requires a full on factory operation, just take Pilkington Glass for an example, they now offer an incredibly environmentally friendly array of products to control solar and climate.

It’s a very interesting time for Property owners in London that are fortunate enough to still have the original windows. With the increase in technology, there’s been an equal increase in sash windows companies to help implement that technology and as a result the companies are benefitting from economies of scale. This means the delivery of a draught proof to the consumer might be as little as two hundred and fifty pounds a window. This is an incredible amount of work for such a small price. The price itself doesn’t seem to have increased in nearly twenty years with all the leading London sash windows companies cutting costs and improving efficiency to remain competitive. All these positives result in a better climate for London.

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