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Is Modern Living Really Better?

The expression “the good ole days” has often been quoted by aging citizens of society as they reminisce about how much simpler life was in the past. They speak of good honest work and knowing what was expected. There were not too many surprises in daily routine and a visit to the general store for supplies wasn’t complicated by the endless versions of the product they wanted to buy. Today’s society is different.

Wider Choice and Greater Complication

Unlike the general store, today’s supply run entails an endless stream of choice. So many choices, in fact, that consumers are left scratching their heads in confusion as to what they ought to be buying or what product offers them the best technology or best value. Every action in our daily routine, from having our morning shower to grocery shopping to a hike in the woods is somehow connected to technology.

The dependency on modern inventions to carry out even the simplest of tasks leaves people in a conundrum when forced to depend on raw nature instead of the conveniences of technology. Even a hike in nature seems to require the best technology of hiking gear. Perhaps spending time with the Tibetan people hiking the mountain trails in their flip flops could teach people a thing or two about dependency on modern comforts.

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A Better Quality of Life

The claim for the advancement of technology was to make life easier and allow for individuals to have time to share in leisure pursuits with family and loved ones. It was a promise of a better quality of life. Joseph Pearce said “the purpose of technology is neither to minimize labor nor to maximize profits. It is to serve and preserve the dignity and well-being of humanity”.

According to the Canadian Index of Well Being the advancement of technology has actually caused a decline in the quality of life for society. The pervasive presence of devices in every aspect of life has created such a massive dependence that the line between work life and leisure has become non-existent.

Good Intentions Turn Bad

The volume of research in health, science and environmental impact is showing that despite the best intentions of improving the experience of life, technology has actually been destroying life. Professor David Wagner claims that society has been so successful in controlling and manipulating electricity that virtually every single action carried out depends on it. This dependency has created a huge amount of electro-magnetic radiation which is adversely affecting health.

With the acknowledgment of the adverse effects of modern development, society has to make a choice between continuing to self destruct or engage in a restorative process in tune with pure nature. Is it possible that the old folk were right; that the good ole’ days actually were better?


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