Green Cleaning Companies
Green Cleaning Companies

Green Cleaning Companies: Environmentally-Friendly

According to The Renewable Planet, Green cleaning companies are sprouting up across the country as demand grows for environmentally-friendly cleaning products and related services.

An increasingly busy lifestyle has resulted in a population with fewer hours left in the day. While people are busier than ever, this does not mean that they aren’t concerned that their homes are clean and truly safe.

The trend towards green cleaning is seen in the business sector as these organizations turn to environmentally-friendly cleaning services. Day cares and schools, libraries, clubs and corporate concerns are forming a growing customer/client base.

Green Cleaning Companies: Household Cleaning

Those with specific needs (allergies or health conditions) may opt for a green cleaning company. Homeowners wishing to reduce risk of exposure to harsh and potentially toxic chemicals can now choose from a range of cleaning options.

  • Green cleaning companies offer pre-cleaning services to ready a home for occupancy. An initial deep clean removes chemical residues on household surfaces. Green service providers may wash down walls, windows, floors and appliances.
  • Some companies provide special services to expectant moms in the weeks before birth when cleaning may be difficult. Additional follow-up services assist mothers with newborns by offering safe and worry-free cleaning services and green cleaning products or kits.
  • A growing trend is that of having a home cleaned by professional green cleaners before listing it. This may be a real selling point. A house can look sparkling but potential buyers may opt for a home that has been green cleaned.
  • Regular maintenance cleaning is also offered.
  • Additional services that may be offered green cleaning companies include burning essential oils or applying aromatherapy conditioning spray for customers who want their homes to smell good.

Green Cleaning Companies: Business Cleaning

An increasing number of businesses are turning to cleaning companies that are green. Business clients seek services that protect both employee health and the environment. Companies seeking green cleaning services can obtain quotes for various cleaning projects.

  • Custom packages are offered to spas, salons and offices.
  • Pre-event cleaning is available for parties, weddings and other special events. A green cleaning company can prepare showrooms and conference centers.
  • Construction clean-up may also be offered by green cleaning companies: removing sawdust and plaster and readying buildings for occupancy.

Green Cleaning Companies-A Word About Products

Green cleaning companies differ in the products they utilize. Some companies offer total eco-friendly products; others will factor in green products for an additional fee; still others may be willing to use customer-requested products, such as baking soda or vinegar.

These companies generally avoid use of products containing chemicals such as triclosan, lye, ammonia, or chlorine but customers should always determine what products will be used prior to engaging any green cleaning company.

Baking Soda and Vinegar
Baking Soda and Vinegar

In an age of sustainable living practices, green cleaning companies are meeting a vital need for both residential and commercial environments.
Cautionary note: Product labeling may be deceptive if a cleaning company is “green-washing” for marketing purposes. Greener Choices offers consumer guidance about environmental labeling to determine validity of products used.

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