Sustainable Energy or Offshore Oil?: Will More Drilling Result in Lower Prices at the Pump?

Offshore Oil

In the year 2000 the number of federally leased oil wells increased a great deal but gas prices still continue to rise. Even though the number of drilling permits had increased 361% by 2007 gas prices have continued to spike years after the fact. The U.S. burns 21% more oil than it has, so even … Read more…

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The Greening of Alberta’s Oil Sands: New Oil Extracting Technologies in the Works

Oil Extracting

Canada’s lackustre participation in the Copenhagen Summit has generated much criticism. Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff, for example, criticized Prime Minister Harper for treating Copenhagen like a “trip to the dentist.” There is no doubt that Prime Minister Harper could have used the summit as an opportunity to flex some technological muscles. Considering the work that … Read more…

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