Household Carbon Footprint: Reduce Waste, Conserve Energy, Fight Climate Change in your Bathroom

With climate change being talked about daily in the media, many people are wondering how exactly they can make a difference. The key is to start in your own home, and this article will guide you through changes you can make today and in the long term, to start lowering the carbon footprint of one of your most used rooms …

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Modern House

Is Modern Living Really Better?

The expression “the good ole days” has often been quoted by aging citizens of society as they reminisce about how much simpler life was in the past. They speak of good honest work and knowing what was expected. There were not too many surprises in daily routine and a visit to the general store for supplies wasn’t complicated by the …

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Sustainable Environmental Living-Some General Guidelines

Our present day life is governed by modern technology in all the spheres of our daily activities. This transformation of lifestyle, which has taken place mainly over the last 100 years, has been extremely rapid and multidimensional during the last few decades. While this has provided mankind with great strides in the quality of life, at the same time it …

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